Sometimes, Interior Design can seem overwhelming;  not just in scope, but in price.  But with the aid of technology (the internet) and an iphone (or galaxy, droid... whatever strikes your phone fancy), we can work together virtually to create a bespoke environment, your personal story for you, at a fraction of the cost. 

Here's the skinny:

Shoot me an email letting me know what the scope of your project would be.  One room, two, a whole house, kitchen, bathroom... or general decoratives.  And, what kind of budget you're looking at for furnishings.  

I'll then ask you to send us a few things.  First, pictures of the room or rooms you want help with along with a basic (very basic, we will not judge) sketch of the room or rooms dimensions, with doors and windows if possible.  Also, I'll ask you for a pinterest board, or links to pictures of what kinds of things you like, and a more specific budget of what you want to spend, or not spend, on your design.  Our base price for e-collab. is $2000 per room, (which doesn't include your budget for furnishings). The more specific you can get, the more design specific I can be.  

I'll then send you a quote.  And once you approve it, we're off and running!  Know that each room, each project, is completely custom and just as unique as each of you.  And just like ourselves;  the more time we put in, the better it gets.   At this point, I will hunker down and get to it!  I will send you a mood board of furniture pieces, lighting, rugs, artwork and what have you, for your approval and tweaking.  

Your mood board will look something like this!

Your mood board will look something like this!

Once you approve which pieces you like, I'll send over the floorplan of your design, along with a list of the furnishings, prices, and where to get 'em.   

And voila!  E-collaboration complete... until you send me photos and I 'ooh' and 'aahh' over them and how great your house looks.